The Godfather (ziza) wrote,
The Godfather

The good and the bad...

This weekend was supposed to be a good weekend.

A family friend was getting married this weekend. Actually both the bride and groom are friends of the family. I just found out that my godparent's daughter is the new head coach of the women's basketball team at Central College, a D-3 school in Iowa. And, I'm going to Croatia for two weeks. I leave July 26th and return August 10th.

Now the bad.
An old family friend, my parent's are godparent's to their youngest son, the father of that family is my godsister's godfather. So we're pretty close. Well, anyways, on friday night the father's truck was found by a bridge near 12 mile creek (I believe) in St. Catherine's. His keys, wallet, cell phone and belongings were found in or near his truck. His fingerprints were found on the bridge, but no sign of him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and kids.
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