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Montreal - it kicks the shit out of Harrisburg

Had a great weekend in Montreal. Makes coming back to the 'burg almost a let down.

Highlights include:

- the seemed like every girl in Montreal had it...fantastic
- the (Friday) birthday girl and her friend at "Downtown"..."so you gonna take us back and do us both?"
- Pizzaghetti and 3 of us drinking TWO 140 oz. pitchers at the Peel Pub...that's over 2 gallons of beer...on top of 3 cases of Moosehead, and drinks at the bars
- Ashley (the Saturday birthday girl)..."I was on stag at Super was awesome...and no I'm not drunk"...she said as she fell on the sidewalk

I'd like to thank:

- the beautiful women of Montreal for the "walk" has to be seen...simply fantastic
- Curtis, bouncer at one of the club's on Crescent St., good advice, good people
- Karina, for the hook ups and helping us out
- Wendy, for the not one but two 140 oz. pitchers at the Peel Pub
- Desiree, for the drinks and hook ups at "Rouge"

Did I mention the "walk"?
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