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[17 Nov 2007|11:16am]
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Not to sound like an insensitive prick...but are you f***ing kidding me? [24 May 2007|06:15pm]

BAC nearly twice the legal limit, speeding, talking on a cell phone, not wearing a seat belt, and possibly high...and someone else is to blame?

Today I was told I should be a Judge...if this lawsuit came to my court it would be thrown out in a heartbeat. I feel for the family's loss...but suing the driver of the stalled car for "allowing" their vehicle to reach a point where is stalled on the road is absurd.

Anyway, just my thoughts.
Feel free to blast me.
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Uhmmm.... [18 Dec 2006|05:35pm]
So how do you respond to "that's a lot of reading...how are you going to do it?"

uhmmm...i don't know about you, but I'm going to try left to right...letter by letter...word for word.

just a thought.
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Can you say "going too far"? [15 Dec 2006|05:43pm]

Wow...what's next?

I agree with one of the last lines of the article.
We should ban political correctness...not the Christmas tree.

That quote by the way is attributed to the President of the Canadian Muslim Council.
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It's a small world after all [21 Oct 2006|09:57pm]
So, last night I'm sitting at a little cafe in Zagreb with some friends from school when I happen to look up and see a figure walking past our table.
Someone who looks a LOT like my friend Renee from back when I was at U of T, and someone I haven't seen in about 6 years.
Yeah, well she looked a lot like her, because it was her. Talk about a shock...and a real nice surprise.
She's working in Sarajevo as a forensic anthropologist...and just happened to be in Zagreb for the weekend. What are the odds of that?
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Greatest Penalty Kick Ever [20 Sep 2006|01:00pm]
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Has it been that long already? [15 Sep 2006|11:41am]
Wow...I haven't updated here in a while.

Anyway, it's hard to believe but, in 9 days I'll be moving to Zagreb.
Where did the time go?

Looking forward to being a student again...but I will definately miss not being here for my niece's b-day...Christmas...going to Cancun for New Year's (again)...watching hockey...and a bunch of other fun stuff.
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It's official [10 Jul 2006|12:30am]
So, not only am I moving from Harrisburg, PA...but I'm moving away from North America.

I've been accepted into the Medical Studies program at the University of Zagreb, so as of October, I'll be in Croatia.

Good thing I planned a month long vacation there already. =)
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Potential good news/bad news [11 May 2006|11:48am]
The good...I may potentially have the entire summer off

The bad...it won't be here
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World's shortest Fairy Tale [09 Mar 2006|08:48am]
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl
"Will you marry me?"

The girl said "NO".

And the guy lived happily every after and went hunting, fishing
and played a lot of golf and drank beer and farted whenever he wanted.

The end.
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Another Christmas in the books [27 Dec 2005|03:16am]
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas.

Mine was great. Spent some quality time with my family...especially my niece.
Got some great Christmas presents...the complete Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes collections.
And a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey stick autographed by Eric Lindros courtesy of bigbull. Thank you brother Bull.

Got to hang out with alen on Christmas day...always a pleasure.
Ran into Pierette and Tina, friends from elemetary school that I haven't seen in years.
Even got my sister to come out on Christmas night.

Ran into Tanya...someone I haven't seen in a long time...must remedy that...and soon.
Same can be said for Jenna as well.

I love being able to travel for work...but there is something to be said for being at home with family and friends.

Hope your Christmas was as great as mine.
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General Gotovina Captured? [08 Dec 2005|08:43am]
According to this he was captured on the Canary Islands.
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Question... [31 Oct 2005|03:15am]
Why is it, that the more you know about some people, the less you like them?
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Thought of the day [08 Oct 2005|12:59pm]
The "shocker" hides the wedding finger. Coincidence? You decide.
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The good and the bad... [27 Jun 2005|09:21pm]
This weekend was supposed to be a good weekend.

A family friend was getting married this weekend. Actually both the bride and groom are friends of the family. I just found out that my godparent's daughter is the new head coach of the women's basketball team at Central College, a D-3 school in Iowa. And, I'm going to Croatia for two weeks. I leave July 26th and return August 10th.

Now the bad.
An old family friend, my parent's are godparent's to their youngest son, the father of that family is my godsister's godfather. So we're pretty close. Well, anyways, on friday night the father's truck was found by a bridge near 12 mile creek (I believe) in St. Catherine's. His keys, wallet, cell phone and belongings were found in or near his truck. His fingerprints were found on the bridge, but no sign of him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and kids.
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Montreal - it kicks the shit out of Harrisburg [30 May 2005|10:58am]
Had a great weekend in Montreal. Makes coming back to the 'burg almost a let down.

Highlights include:

- the walk...it seemed like every girl in Montreal had it...fantastic
- the (Friday) birthday girl and her friend at "Downtown"..."so you gonna take us back and do us both?"
- Pizzaghetti and 3 of us drinking TWO 140 oz. pitchers at the Peel Pub...that's over 2 gallons of beer...on top of 3 cases of Moosehead, and drinks at the bars
- Ashley (the Saturday birthday girl)..."I was on stag at Super sexe...it was awesome...and no I'm not drunk"...she said as she fell on the sidewalk

I'd like to thank:

- the beautiful women of Montreal for the "walk"...it has to be seen...simply fantastic
- Curtis, bouncer at one of the club's on Crescent St., good advice, good people
- Karina, for the hook ups and helping us out
- Wendy, for the not one but two 140 oz. pitchers at the Peel Pub
- Desiree, for the drinks and hook ups at "Rouge"

Did I mention the "walk"?
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It's official! [09 May 2005|09:43pm]
My niece is the smartest person in the family. She's 3.5 years old.

So, I flew into Toronto Saturday morning after spending the better part of the previous two days celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and the fact that it was Friday, I was a little hungover to say the least.
Throw in a flight on a turbo prop from Harrisburg to Toronto and the stomach wasn't so great.

Anyways, when I got home my niece was awake, and as usual she wanted to go jump on the trampoline...and she wanted me to go jump with her. After I explained to her that I couldn't jump because my stomach hurt from too much alcohol, she finally relented. But only after telling me to be careful because "alcohol hurt your stomach".

Fast forward about 30 hours to Sunday evening. I come home after running some errands and walk in to find my niece sitting on the couch watching movies with the rest of the family.

As I walk in, she asks me "do you have any alcohol?"

I answer "no, munchkin, why?"

She looks at me, smiles, and then says "so you can jump on the trampoline then?"

I paused, looked at her, and started laughing out loud.

Damn...outsmarted by a 3.5 year old.
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Idiots...they're everywhere. [09 May 2005|09:30pm]
I just realized that some papers of mine had fallen out of my luggage during my flight from Toronto to Harrisburg. So naturally I call Air Canada lost and found.

After sitting through 12 recorded messages, 4 different options and finally getting through to a Customer Service Retard...I mean Representative.

Now keep in mind I'm calling Air Canada lost and found "directly".

Me: "Yes, I lost some papers on flight 7388 this morning from Toronto to Harrisburg."

CSR: "What was the airline sir?"
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Drunk and loving life [05 May 2005|02:06am]
It's amazing how life can go from crap to amazing in no time.
In the last little while I've become a booty call, I'm going to Montreal, found out that one of the girls in Montreal thinks I'm cute, and did I mention I've become a booty call?

I know it's not much, but at the moment, it's all good.
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Let's go Red Sox!?!? [21 Apr 2005|03:17pm]
Off to Baltimore...going with some friends to catch the Orioles / Red Sox game.
They're Red Sox fans...and driving...so I guess that means I'm cheering for the Bo-Sox.
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